Friday, 28 November 2008

Lovely Lovely Eggs stuff being peddled for cash...

You wait two months for a blog post to come along then three come along at once...c'est typique!

Here is the Lovely Eggs stuff being peddled at a gig at The Packhorse, Leeds.

Love KP xx

Lovely Lovely Eggs Stuff

I've been making merchandise for a lovely band from Lancaster called The Lovely Eggs (see:  You can see my Lovely Eggs Egg Cosies, my Lovely Eggs Lovely Egg and Heart Badges and my Lovely Eggs Holly and David dolls above these very words...

Love KP xx

artsmix shenanigans

I did an artsmix fair at The Loft in Leeds on 23rd November and had a fabulous time. Here is my stall set up...

I'd been on a three day sewing bender prior to having the stall so it was ace to see my critters going home to lovely new homes with lots of lovely people on the actual day. One child even cried when it's mother prised a long-legged rabbit out of it's grasp...

I'm doing another stall on 21st December!

Love KP xx

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Something old, something new...

New elephant for old friend...reacquainted via Facebook. Technological or what?!

Love KP xx

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Oh how I love...

...Jeu de Paumes books. Blooming 'eck these books are pretty. I got my first three in the post today - Children's Rooms Stockholm, London and Copenhagen. I don't even have any of the little blighters but when I see how pretty their rooms can look it kind of make me want to pro-create...then the novelty wears off! Japanese interior design books mailed from Holland about rooms in London, Copenhagen and Stockholm. That's globalisation for yer...ain't it grand?

Love KP xx

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The bears are back in town...the bears are back in town...

I love karaoke...'specially singing karaoke classics like the boys are back in town but changing the word "boys" to "bears". KP would choose a bear over a boy any day of the week...if a bear and a boy were to have an arm wrestling match KP reckons that the bear would win hands/paws down...unless they were playing Geoff Capes who is officially the world's strongest man-beast...according to KP.

Check out my lovely bears by clicking on the images below.

I'm after a Blythe doll by the way...any hints or tips?

Love KP xx

Monday, 22 September 2008

Bears a go go

More bears!

Meet (from L - R) Matilda, Sunshine, Poley Bear and Mr Tibbs.

All for sale in my Etsy

Love KP xx

Monday, 8 September 2008

Catflap and Flatcap

Hola chicas

Flissy666 (who makes fabulous Blythe dresses on Etsy: bought Flatcap the Elephant from me on Friday and asked me to make him a kitty companion today! 

Meet Flatcap the Elephantt....

...and his new friend Catflap the Cat!

Love KP x

Sunday, 7 September 2008



I've been busy making bears recently...long legged bears.  I've just packed the grey one (Lupin) off to Nottingham to her new home. It's been a great week Etsy-wise - I've sold three elephants this week too! One of them, Butler the Elephant (the fawn coloured one), is going to live in sunny California and the other two are going to new homes in Leeds...the Calif
ornian one is a custom one for a fantastic florist called Kelsey from San exciting and glamorous! You can see her lovely work at: The grey one is going to live with Helen and her family in's a Christmas present for her son Silas. Helen makes lovely clothes under her alter ego 'Pose Like Kitty' and sells them on Etsy...see:  

I am so loving all this Etsy's totally satiating my need for creativity and the feedback I'm getting from customers is lovely...and it makes me able to justify my fabric addiction.

Love KP x

Friday, 29 August 2008


Wow! I've had one of my elephants featured on the Etsy homepage today! So exciting...wish I could have seen it but I've been at work all day and had no idea it had been on there until a super-crafty friend told me about it! I think it was Pretty the Elephant cos she suddenly has lots of people 'hearting' her! Ahhhh!

Love KP xx

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Hi there

I've just packaged up and sent off two parcels - one to a little girl in Amaroo, Australia, for her 1st birthday and the other one to Vancouver in Canada! How exciting! Both recipients are going to send me pics of my critters in their new homes...

So, in a post-purchase-crafting-frenzy I've been making NEW critters all weekend. Six elephants and two rabbits...all have just been added to my Etsy shop.

They look like this....

...and this...

See you later alligators! 

Love Kiss Prudence xx

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I've sold something!


Well I've made my first sale! I am SO excited about that. Lavender the Elephant will be packing his 'trunk' and winging his way from Leeds to Vancouver tomorrow to go and live with the lovely Rosehip! 

Rosehip makes beautiful things and writes an amazing blog at to boot! When I work out how to do this blog thing properly I will put a list of my favourite blogs on this page like all those pro-bloggers too...I've got a lot to learn...

I've had a custom order today too so that feels amazing too...

I've just realised I'm completely gushing now....I'm in danger of turning into Miss World mode..."I'd like to thank my mother, I want world peace and I want to save the donkeys..." etc etc...

Au revoir mes cheries

Kiss Prudence xx

Sunday, 10 August 2008


...double yak!


Sunday shopping in the quite-big-smoke...and scratchy-scritch man-mad fibres...

Hola chicas!

Today I've been out and about in the quite-big-for-oop-north-smoke, Leeds, to check out their crafty arty artsmix market with a view to maybe getting a stall there one Sunday soon. It was lovely - small but perfectly formed - with lots of lovely bits and pieces...I ended up buying a cupcake tea-cosy for the bargain bin price of £6.50 and 10 vintage fabric brooches for 30p each. I need to do some serious stiching to fill a stall with critters though...

Guess what else I had to buy today though?! A SUIT! Yes, I had to buy a suit....KP hates wearing suits, scritchy-scratchy man-made fibrous beasts that they are. But KP is going for a job interview and so is legally bound to wearing scritchy-scratchy man-made fibres...oh how KP longs for the day when leggings and a 1960s smock will be allowed in the corporate modern world of interviews...

I ordered some Mini Moo cards today too! Moo is ace, expect narcissistic cards from KP this Christmas...but not with pics of her in a suit.

Love Kiss Prudence xx 

Saturday, 9 August 2008

My stuff for sale!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

...more creatures I've created. 

Love Kiss Prudence xx

Here are some critters that I've created...

Love Kiss Prudence xx

First steps...

Hola chicas

Welcome to my very first post for Kiss Prudence. I am a lady-librarian living in Wakefield who likes to make pretty things in her spare time when I'm not busy stamping books and telling people off for being noisy and that....

I am obsessed with fabric....all types of fabric...but particularly fabric from the 1960s/1970s and designer/super-special fabric like stuff from Liberty, Amy Butler, Marimekko, Japanese Kawaii etc etc...yep, i am a proper lady-librarian who likes sewing...rock n roll.

I've just started my first Etsy shop I've been collecting fabric for 15+ years and I'm finally plundering my stash to noodle around on my sewing machine.

I'm going to use this blog to record new creations, new fabric purchases, new pretty things and pretty new fabrics that are both brand spanking new and pretty new in a vintage kind of stylee. I might ramble on about being a lady-librarian at times bear with me.

Love Kiss Prudence xx