Sunday, 7 September 2008



I've been busy making bears recently...long legged bears.  I've just packed the grey one (Lupin) off to Nottingham to her new home. It's been a great week Etsy-wise - I've sold three elephants this week too! One of them, Butler the Elephant (the fawn coloured one), is going to live in sunny California and the other two are going to new homes in Leeds...the Calif
ornian one is a custom one for a fantastic florist called Kelsey from San exciting and glamorous! You can see her lovely work at: The grey one is going to live with Helen and her family in's a Christmas present for her son Silas. Helen makes lovely clothes under her alter ego 'Pose Like Kitty' and sells them on Etsy...see:  

I am so loving all this Etsy's totally satiating my need for creativity and the feedback I'm getting from customers is lovely...and it makes me able to justify my fabric addiction.

Love KP x


ben said...


How do I get in touch if I want to buy one of your fantastic creations?

I'm based in Leeds too. My e-mail address is



Kiss Prudence said...

Hi Ben

I've sent you an email but you can buy my stuff through Etsy. Just copy and paste into your address bar and it will take you straight to my shop!


KP x