Thursday, 25 September 2008

Oh how I love...

...Jeu de Paumes books. Blooming 'eck these books are pretty. I got my first three in the post today - Children's Rooms Stockholm, London and Copenhagen. I don't even have any of the little blighters but when I see how pretty their rooms can look it kind of make me want to pro-create...then the novelty wears off! Japanese interior design books mailed from Holland about rooms in London, Copenhagen and Stockholm. That's globalisation for yer...ain't it grand?

Love KP xx


saraeden said...

Oooh those books look lovely , i feel a little shopping coming on!!!

I had just popped over to let you know we are thinking of having a swap on the belles blog if you fancy joining in !

Sara x

Kiss Prudence said...

Sounds fab! Count me in! x