Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The bears are back in town...the bears are back in town...

I love karaoke...'specially singing karaoke classics like the boys are back in town but changing the word "boys" to "bears". KP would choose a bear over a boy any day of the week...if a bear and a boy were to have an arm wrestling match KP reckons that the bear would win hands/paws down...unless they were playing Geoff Capes who is officially the world's strongest man-beast...according to KP.

Check out my lovely bears by clicking on the images below.

I'm after a Blythe doll by the way...any hints or tips?

Love KP xx


saraeden said...

I love Mr Tibbs !!!

Sara x

Kiss Prudence said...

Glad you like him! I like the way it kind of looks like he's got 5 o clock shadow cos of the black stitching round his muzzle!


Rob said...

KP is right. Check out Geoff in this clip. TOTAL SUPERMASSIVE MANBEAST.

Kiss Prudence said...

manbeast indeed....god bless you capes and all who sail in you!